1Community provides Catalytic Initiatives that are changing the narrative of investing, training, mentoring, and maintains a Sustainable Ecosystem that nurture and support Entrepreneurs and Students in Africa

Access to Finance

  1. Long-term financing option (Debt or Equity)
  2. Up to 15years loan tenure
  3. Buy back option after 10 years for equity
  4. Flexible financing terms
  5. No additional fees
  6. Long moratorium(6months-5years)
  7. Build credit worthiness
  8. Availability of working capital
  9. Financing new equipment
  10. Increase in business inventory

Easy & Quick Accessibilty to Funding

  1. No collateral required.
  2. Quick registration (takes 10 mins)
  3. Minimal documentation required
  4. Fast approval process
  5. Reduced credit requirements
  6. Readily available funds

Access to Business Support

  1. Access to business advice
  2. Recruiting the right talent
  3. Standardised bookkeeping
  4. Provision of relevant tools
  5. Transparent, affordable and tailored legal services
  6. Leverage on partnerships within the ecosystem
  7. Improve performance of MSMEs
  8. Business development support
  9. Marketing support

Societal Dividend

  1. Job creation
  2. Increase contribution to taxation & compliance
  3. Increase contribution to health insurance
  4. Formalise the informal sector
  5. Align with the UN SDG agenda
  6. Empower female entrepreneurs
  7. Pension contribution
  8. Income generation & poverty alleviation

Enhance Capacity Development

  1. Peer to peer exchange
  2. Skills development
  3. Continuous Training
  4. Access to professional mentors
  5. Access to technical assistance
  6. Dedicated coach


Gabriel is a hardworking, smart, respectful and customer centric Okada Rider in Ajah. But his act attracted jealousy from his colleagues hence for the seizure of his bike by the owner which left him jobless for over a month. My team then met him idle at the estate gate and he narrated his ordeal to us. We therefore made resolution and bought him Okada immediately to start working. He has since continued his job happily. If we can do this considering our small size now, we will do more with enhanced capacity. Long live

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